About us

Welcome to COREZONE Sports

We like to think that we’re nothing more than a group of people that are mad about fitness! We reached a point in our fitness lives where we were all sick of spending a lot of money on short-lasting, low-quality fitness equipment and accessories. So, we started thinking to ourselves that we could definitely do it better.

Infomation Group

We look for completely new and exciting products that are innovative, and can truly make a difference to anyone truly passionate about their fitness and exercise. We constantly work to ensure that the products we offer are the very best that they can be. We are consistently looking for ways to improve our product’s practicality and reliability, to ensure that we never offer a substandard product.

We ensure that all of our products, from our trigger point foam rollers to our compact resistance bands, are the best possible option for any fitness buff. Whether you’re looking to kick off your new health regime in style, or add some variety to your exercise schedule, we can help you by providing the very best products for your needs.

Who we are

High-Quality, Innovative Fitness Products

Our team understand that modern consumers expect nothing but the best, and we completely agree! After all, we’re fitness fanatics ourselves and we don’t see why you should have to settle for anything less than the best! That’s why, when we set out to develop a new product, we ensure that every step is done in the best possible manner. From the first stroke of the pencil to sourcing the best manufacturer, to developing the packaging and finally sending out our first shipments only one thing sticks in our minds; quality. Whether you’re looking for a trigger-point foam roller, resistance bands or a pair of our recovery and prevention focused plantar fasciitis socks, you’ll definitely be more than satisfied with the extreme high-quality of our products.

Our core values

Here at corezonesports, we've built our buiness on four main product to ensure that we always offer our customers the very best service and product, and to ensure that we never lose sight of our original goal to provide great product for low price, sutable for anyone and everyone.

Our products
  • Resistance Bands
  • Weightlifting Belts
  • Workout Gloves
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Wraps & Straps
  • Crossfit